Takashi UCHIMURA / picturebook maker / illustrator

picturebook maker / illustrator

1981: Born in Tokyo.

1983: Move to Canberra, Australia.

1986: Return to Japan; the end of cow-like happy childhood for three years.

1996: Back to Australia as an exchange student of Seikei high school and did the "best speech ever" according to the Cowra high school students.

2000-2004: Study at Keio University and learn French, Spanish and a little bit of German. Trip to Europe at the end of University life thanks to the prize of French speech contest.

2006: Graduate the Graduate School of Keio University with the thesis on the Mexican poet, Octavio Paz. Since then, work as a professional illustrator.

2015: Selected in the Pinpoint Gallery Picture Book Award (2015, Japan).

2016: Selected in the Crayonhouse Picture Book Award (2016, Japan).

Living in Tokyo, Japan.

Picture books

"Hiso-hiso Kosho-kosho (The Whisper Book)" Crayonhouse, 2021/ pictures & text 

"Neko no michi (following the cat)" Crayonhouse, 2019/ pictures & text 

"Umi madakana (Are we there yet ?)" Crayonhouse, 2018/ pictures & text 


"Kotoba zukanda, Wan! (Bow-wow, the word book!)"(Kaisei-sha, 2018) / translation (from French into Japanese), writing introduction for each page

"Kagayaku Konchu no Himitsu (secrets of the shining insects)" (Poplar-sha, 2017) / illustration

"36 lettres de Titi à sa maman et son papa"  (Hyogen-sha, 2013) / illustration

"Osugi Sakae -L'anarchisme éternel" (Yako-sha, 2013) / cover illustraion


France (Hakusui-sha, 2010- )/ illustration

&L (Chuokoron-shinsha, 2015-2018) / illustration

Art Critique (constellation books, 2010-2014) / Comic:"Iïna au passage"

NHK Español (NHK pub., 2011〜2012) / illustration


IGNITiON (2015-2016) / illustration(2016.6.30. website closed)

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